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Gothabilly , Hotrods and Vampires


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Music from the Grave


Rockabilly Goth is it possibly , well im trying.
Now i know some people will say o there isnt enough ( rockabilly, psychobilly, swing, goth, punk ) or something in the list i like much more than this but this is my top 10 at the moment itll change again soon.

So here are my top 10 albums to buy download and listen to.

1 - First last Always - the Sisters of Mercy
2 - Liquer in the middle - Reverend Horton Heat
3 - Press the Eject and Give me the Tape - Bauhaus
4 - Static Age - the Misfits
5 - Self tilted - the Cherry popin Daddys
6 - Disintergration - the Cure
7 - the Contender - Royal Crown Revue
8 - Stations of the Crass - Crass
9 - Plastic Surgery Disasters - Dead Kennedys
10 - Divine Punishment and the Saint in the Pit - Diamanda Galas
11 - Added this becouse there a great Australian band Dead can Dance - Aion


Brian Setzer


the Cramps


the Sisiters of Mercy


the Misfits


Lee Press on and the Nails


I know i rant but its what i do