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Gothabilly , Hotrods and Vampires
Undead Beauty


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Undead Princesses



Morrigan Hel


Lilly Munster ( classic beauty )


Elvira Mistress of the Dark

So here are the girls of the world that i respect admire and basically think are the hottest girls on the face of the earth.
Well Morticia Adams and Lilly Munster are 2 woman that i grew up watching and always thought how beautiful they were it wasnt until later on in life that i discovered there were girls out there that actually looked and dressed like that in real life, same a Elvira shes just something that i grew up with.

Now for Morrigan hel and Mistress persephone i think like me ( correct me if i am wrong ) probably grew up seeing woman like these and thought wow how beautiful elegant and graceful , which i know this helped guided me to become the person i am today. *L*


Mistress Persephone


Morticia Adams


Bettie ( the Queen ) Page

Dang these girls are hot.